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Maternity Jeans Conversions! Your own jeans can be maternity jeans! And your everyday jeans can be comfortable again with a more relaxed waistband!

Full Demi Band Conversion with V-fly & Hemming 

Full Demi Band Conversion with V-fly & Hemming £ 33.00 In stock

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With V-fly and Hemming

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Maternity jeans conversion with a full demi band that goes all around the waistband..  Send your own jeans to be made into maternity jeans.  Slacks, work pants, and skirts can also be converted to maternity. 

The Full Demi Band is a 3" wide elastic band covered by rib knit in the color or print of your choice.    The zipper or button fly is removed to lessen the bulk in the fly area.

The V-fly option is an extension in maternity jeans conversions that need a bit more room.  This works wonderfully if you have jeans that don't zip up the recommended half-way or so for a typical conversion.  The V-fly Extension will, in most cases, allow an extra 1.5 - 2" at the waist.  This extension is made using fabric taken from the conversion process itself, so your jeans, slacks, maintain color uniformity where it's included.

This selection includes hemming your jeans or other item.

This band can be added for a better-fitting, more relaxed waistband for everyday jeans as well.

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