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Your own jeans can be maternity jeans

Belly Jeans Maternity Jeans Conversions and More Comfortable Waistband for Everyday Jeans

Okay...Convert Me!

Here's the beauty in sending your own jeans to be converted into Belly Jeans Maternity Jeans...
They are your  jeans, you can try them on at home or in the store and decide. Being tried on and/or worn, you know, they love you as much as you love them. Jeans should be our friends. Friends that don't ditch us for 9-10 months.

Which jeans should I send?
Just remember the suggestions here for the best maternity jeans conversion.

The jeans you send should fit you comfortably, but zipping or buttoning has become more difficult, possibly only half-way up works now.

A good fit is not too loose, and of course, not too tight.

The Belly Band is designed to support your belly; the correct fit in the hips and butt holds your jeans up.

Jeans need to normally (pre-pregnancy) ride at least an 1" below the belly button (this doesn't mean they simply "hang" there with lots of crotch room droop... it means the "correct" fit has them hitting below the navel).

'Classic fit, high-waisted, 'mom jeans' generally will not work, but sometimes with the full demi-band they can be converted.  Email with a picture or link if you'd like an opinion on a particular pair.

Do you convert more than jeans into maternity jeans, maternity wear?
Why yes I do! I can convert shorts, skirts, slacks, khakis, work pants such as EMT, uniform slacks, etc. As long as they fit as described in the paragraph above, they most likely can be converted.
If you aren't sure, just drop me an email with some details, a picture, or a web link to a similar item and I will let you know.

Not pregnant? 
A great many of my customers are not pregnant.  They just want more comfortable clothing.  All the waistband conversion styles work beautifully for everyday wear, for a soft, comfortable, more relaxed waistband. 

Order now!
I will let you know when the jeans and payment have reached me and will have your jeans converted and on their way back to you within 5 business days.

Are you ready to convert?

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